Optima Recycling Solutions

Optima Recycling Solutions (ORS) manufactures shredders and complete waste recycling solutions for plastics, wood, paper, textiles, industrial and household waste.

ORS is the result of three entrepreneurs having accumulated their joint experience of 50 years. Their purpose is to manufacture high-quality machines and continuously develop the most optimal machines on the market.

ORS team has manufacturing experience in several European countries, but mainly in the Basque Country, where the metal industry has a long and significant manufacturing history since the late 1800s





From the beginning, we have decided to develop our machinery and process lines, both in the field and in the office. We have the most modern design tools and 3D design.


After Sales

The work begins when the equipment is installed. Our philosophy is that a plant is more than engineering and logistics. It’s about working together to create solutions around specific needs.

Working together we can identify and properly manage risks and ensure the performance of your machine.


Wear Parts

The use of original parts, guarantee maximum availability of equipment and a perfect fit. The quality parts, reduces maintenance costs and saving time, not being necessary so many reruns.

All parts are subjected to strict quality controls.