Post Sale service

Our work starts when we build a team, but it does not end when we deliver it.

Work begins when the equipment is installed. Our philosophy is that a plant is more than engineering and logistics. It's about working together, creating solutions around specific needs. By working together we can properly locate and manage risks and ensure the performance of your machinery. Optima is committed to the performance of your business. With our team of highly qualified experts, engineers and mechanics, we can help you solve problems before they arise and if they arise, solve them efficiently and profitably.



Spare parts

Original and quality square parts

The use of original Optima parts guarantees maximum equipment availability and a perfect fit. The quality of the Optima parts reduces maintenance costs since it does not require as many replacements and saves time. All Optima parts are subject to exhaustive quality controls.




Engineering and manufacturing

Since the beginning of Optima, we have opted to develop our machinery and process lines, both in the field and in the office. We have the most modern 3D design and calculation tools.

Collaborate with Optima Engineering

Who knows the equipment better than the manufacturer himself? The knowledge of our own machinery helps us to develop more balanced productive processes. Efficient, avoid bottlenecks and increases the technical availability of the line. In addition, we will avoid communication problems between supplier and engineer, with the consequent saving of time and money.